Annual Plan Language 2°B

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Annual Plan Language 2°B RDLPS

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Annual Plan Language 2°B
1 Communication
1.1 Past Simple
1.2 Non-verbal communication. Body language.
1.3 Marcel Marceau, Helen Keller, Louis Braille's biographies.
1.4 Dictation (H.K.'s bio)
1.5 Technology and comm.
1.6 'Touching' poem
1.6.1 People / animals
1.7 Journal: "laughter is the best medicine" and "communicating without words"
1.8 Learning other ways of communication and learning about some people's legacy
2 Feeding us all
2.1 HUnger map, food crisis in Africa, international aids organizations and charities
2.1.1 Comparisons with our country
2.2 Love your life. Appreciate it
2.3 Newspaper report: Ethiopia
2.3.1 Direct speech. Wh- words
2.3.2 Cause and effect
2.4 Food aid organisations and charities
2.4.1 Research - presentation
2.5 Rhyme/description - your fav. food
2.6 Fantasy / historical fiction- story. HUNGER. Dictation
2.7 Journal: "Where would you go if...?"
2.8 Present Simple / Conditional 2
3 New Pastures
3.1 Living in a new country
3.2 Autobiog: Ghada Karmi (from Jerusalem to London)
3.3 Comparatives and superlatives
3.4 Poems (Song of a refugee and Windrush Child)
3.4.1 Imigration
3.5 Journal: describing an experience through the senses
3.6 Vox pops
4 Setting the scene
4.1 Good opening scenes
4.2 Dickens
4.2.1 Great Expectations - extract Directing a play. Description of all its elements 8setting, characters, chapter, etc.)
4.3 Poety and painting
4.3.1 Poetic devices - alliteration, rhyme, repetition
4.4 Writing an imaginative opening scene / dialogues.
4.5 Fiction
4.5.1 Extract from novel Reef. Dictation.
4.6 Journal: "have you ever been in trouble?
4.7 Present / past Perfect
4.8 Theatre: shadow puppetry
5 Peace
5.1 Peace symbols, peaceful scenes/words
5.2 Poem 'Don't believe in war'
5.2.1 Presenting the poem
5.3 Metaphors
5.4 Fable
5.4.1 Describing a scene
5.5 Past Continuous
5.6 Origami
5.6.1 Japanese legend
5.7 Creating our own image for peace
5.8 Journal: "is your life peaceful?"
6 Looking back
6.1 Memories
6.2 Journal: your earliest memories
6.3 Magazine article - The disappearing village
6.3.1 Climate change
6.4 Used to/Would - Future will/going to
6.5 Writing about special places
6.6 Dreams
6.6.1 Describing a dream
6.7 Preserving languages
6.7.1 Canterbury Tales
7 Bibliography: English An International Approach 2. Oxford. Macmillan English Grammar In Context - Intermediate.
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