Water Play

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Water Play


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1 Easily accessable
1.1 Safe for children
2 Resources
2.1 Sieves
2.2 funnels
2.3 Containers
2.3.1 Different materials/textures
2.3.2 Different shapes
2.3.3 Different sizes
2.3.4 Quantities
2.3.5 Freely available
2.4 (e.g. Boats, ducks, shells, pebbles, fish, seaweed, sand, sponges)
2.5 tubes/ guttering
3 Development
3.1 Physical
3.1.1 Motor skills squeezing, gripping, pouring, filling, splashing Manipulation Object control
3.1.2 Hand/eye coordination
3.2 Intellectual
3.2.1 weight, shapes, textures, colours, quantity
3.2.2 Concepts: full/empty, sink/float
3.2.3 Problem solving e.g. moving water down a tube
3.2.4 Open ended play - no set rules or end product
3.3 Emotional
3.3.1 therapeutic Soothing feel Relaxing
3.3.2 Express feelings by splashing water (e.g. excitement, frustration, happiness)
3.4 Social
3.4.1 social play Sharing resources Sharing experience develop language
3.4.2 Develop skills of independence - playing alone
4 Add bubbles or food colouring
5 sensory
5.1 Touch
5.1.1 (e.g. add ice or bubbles)
5.2 Taste
5.3 Sight
5.4 Sounds
5.4.1 (e.g. pouring, splashing, gluggling
5.5 Smell
5.5.1 Add fragrance (bubbles)
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