Introduction to Interactive Media

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Mapa mental de medios interactivos.

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Introduction to Interactive Media
1 What is Interactive Media?
1.1 Internet = interaction
1.1.1 User interacts By Dynamic Interphase
1.2 Evolution of Traditional Media
1.2.1 Driven by technology growth Information travels by different channels The user chooses what to see Engagement
1.3 Audio
1.3.1 Video Text Graphics
1.4 New Media
1.4.1 Web Pages
1.4.2 Advertising
1.4.3 Apps
1.4.4 Social Media
1.4.5 Gaming
2 Brief History
2.1 Internet was launched
2.1.1 late 60´s Exclusive use for the government or universities.
2.2 Graphic user interphace
2.2.1 70’s / Apple Computer Inc. Hardware got cheaper Personal computers affordable publically launched in Mexico until 1995 Teacher started using when she was 15
2.3 Today the world has
2.3.1 3,035,749,340 Internet Users On 2020 over 4 billion.
3 México
3.1 More than
3.1.1 50 million Internet users.
3.1.2 It is considered a ‘mainstream media’ by CICOM People access by 4 different devices (average). Usually They interact with different media while accessing internet. TV Radio
4 The World is Flat
4.1 Written by Thomas Friedman
4.1.1 On 2005
4.2 Globalization
4.2.1 1.0 Countries and governments are main characters. 2.0 Multinational companies -> Global Integration 3.0 Internet and users outsource the workflow to machines
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