(9) Constitutional change under labour

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A level Governing the UK - 2C (The Constitution) Mind Map on (9) Constitutional change under labour, created by Marcus Danvers on 10/02/2013.

Marcus  Danvers
Created by Marcus Danvers about 6 years ago
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(9) Constitutional change under labour
1 Background
1.1 18 years out of government
1.2 promised constitutional reform in the manifesto
1.3 made no attempt a complete reform for instance a creation of a codified constitution
2 Labour party aims in making constitutional change
2.1 To increase it electability
2.2 to maintain the position of the progressive party
3 political context to the change
3.1 Solve problems in North Ireland
3.2 Growing EU intergation
3.3 Scotland independent
4 resons for the Labour to make constitonal change
4.1 Labour had a traditional of constitutional reform
4.2 High priority
4.3 left leaning pressure groups
4.4 Opposition to thatcher
4.5 Liberal democrats
5 three examples of constitutional change
5.1 Devolution of Scotland 1999, Wales 1999 and Northern Ireland
5.2 Different electoral system PR
5.3 Creation of the Greater London Authority
6 The view of Blairs constitutional changes
6.1 The supporters unprecedented
6.2 critics did not go far enough
6.3 scottish nationalists not fully satisfied
6.4 house of lords reform not fully completed
6.5 human rights to not go as far as in some country like USA
7 Brown constitutional changes proposed in 2007
7.1 reduce voting age to16
7.2 election on weekends
7.3 national security council
7.4 new bill of right's
7.5 demonstrations near parliament
7.6 some hints to codified constitution
8 the legacy Labour left in 2010
8.1 Under Blair there was a thrust to have constitutional reform up in till 2001
8.2 Under brown there was a lot of proposed constitutional reform but the economic crises stalled most of the reforms becasue the government was mainly concerted with the economy.

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