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Air pollution: causes, indicators and effects. Water pollution: causes, indicators and effects. Eutrophication - the process.

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1 Air Pollution
1.1 Causes
1.1.1 Combustion of fossil fuels (in engines and power stations)
1.2 Effects
1.2.1 Smokes deposits soot on buildings and trees, causing them damage Also permeates the air making it difficult to breathe
1.2.2 Carbon monoxide is poisonous
1.2.3 Carbon dioxide contributes to greenhouse effect Which contributes to global warming
1.2.4 Sulfur dioxide contributes to acid rain
1.3 Indicators
1.3.1 Bushy lichens need really clean air to survive
1.3.2 Crusty lichens can survive in more polluted air
2 Water Pollution
2.1 Indicators
2.1.1 Fresh water shrimp and stonefly - clean water
2.1.2 Sludgeworm and bloodworm - clean water
2.2 Causes
2.2.1 Nitrate fertilisers washed off into rivers and reservoires
2.2.2 Sulfur dioxide in the air dissolves in seas and oceans
2.2.3 Pesticides used by farmers washed of into rivers
2.3 Effects
2.3.1 Death of aqautic organisms
2.3.2 Makes drinking water unhealthy, unsafe and unclean
3 Eutrophication
3.1 Excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water which causes a dense growth of plant life
3.2 Algal bloom
3.2.1 1. Nutrients from fertilisers are washed off into rivers 2. Pollutants encourage the growth of algae and other plants 3. Algae blooms, preventing sunlight reaching other plants and hence, oxygen depletes 4. Dead plants are decomposed by bacteria, further depleting oxygen 5. As a result, the aquatic ecosystem dies as nothing can live
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