God as morally perfect and the source of morality

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A-Level Philosophy (Unit 2: Topic 2-The Goodness of God) Mind Map on God as morally perfect and the source of morality, created by Katie-Marie on 04/09/2015.

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God as morally perfect and the source of morality
1 In the Bible God's creation is often said to be good, and God reveals himself through creation
2 God's goodness is visible in the creation and sustaining of the world
3 His actions in the world, e.g. miracles, are seen to be good
4 God acts for the benefit of his people (e.g. the Exodus, healing miracles or support for God's followers in battle)
5 His actions are not to be questioned and must be obeyed- as shown in the story of Arbraham being willing to sacrifice his son in obedience to God's command
5.1 Shows that the goodness of God cannot be measured by human standards of goodness but has to be experienced within a relationship which is based on faith, not reason
6 10 commandments, Exodus 20, show how God set the standard of good behaviour
6.1 Part of God's covenant with the Israelites, tell them how to behave towards God and towards other people
6.1.1 The Israelites in turn have a duty to obey God's commandments as they will enable them to lead a good life People are to respond to God's goodness with obedience to his commands, as their own ethical behaviour comes from an ethically perfect God
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