"Fear" Chapter 25

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"Fear" Chapter 25
1 Soldiers kidnapping children to work
1.1 Makes Ugwu Baby guardian
2 School has been bombarded
3 Olanna beggins teaching
3.1 Students want to rebel against vandals
3.1.1 Olanna teach them about patriotism
4 Olanna and Odenigbo have sex
5 Low medicine on hospitals
5.1 Olanna gets a prescription that allows them to get some
5.1.1 Baby does not want to eat Olanna fears of Babys death They get egg yolk through known people Soldiers take their food
6 Mrs. Mokelu prediction
6.1 Warriors defeating vandals
7 Air raid
8 Air raids ends with victorous song
8.1 Nigerians refused red cross help
9 Olanna and Odenigbo changes money currency
9.1 Little money left
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