Importance of English


mapa mental sobre la importancia del ingles
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Importance of English
  1. Benefits
    1. Professionals who speak English earn an average of 30% more wages
      1. it is vital to stand out in the job market and business
        1. If you want to study abroad for a postgraduate or master's degree, knowing English will be essential
        2. Uses of English
          1. more job opportunities in many places
            1. more possibilities to travel to parts of the world
              1. be able to subtitle any song in English there
              2. Resources
                1. vocabulary
                  1. I'm listening
                    1. writing
                    2. Learning difficulties
                      1. Pronunciation has a bit of difficulty learning the language.
                        1. writing is very different from pronunciation
                          1. the order of the sentences makes us understand the words backwards
                          2. Methods for learning
                            1. constantly speak the language although with mistakes in order to learn
                              1. listen to music in english
                                1. read books in English and translate what you don't understand
                                2. Reason for Learning
                                  1. it is a language for universal communication
                                    1. it is essential to have a better chance of finding a good job
                                      1. the language most used when making international communications
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