Singh Song - Daljit Nagra

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Singh Song - Daljit Nagra
1 Context
1.1 Daljit Nagra is a British poet, from an Indian descent
1.1.1 When he left school he worked in the family shop They often experienced racist remarks from customers The shop was burgled regularly
1.2 Nagra uses a wide range of techniques to explore the first generation of immigrants to Britain
2 Summary
2.1 Dramatic monologue narrated by a young British-born Asian who is in charge of his father's shop
2.1.1 The poem is in first person, a love song by the young man about his new wife
2.1.2 When there are no customers, he locks up and goes upstairs to spend time with his wife Customers are not happy and complain it is 'di worst shop on di whole Indian road'
2.2 Nagra creates stereotypical ideas about the Indian culture
3 Structure
3.1 Strong lyrical voice
3.2 Customers words are written in italics to separate them from the rest of the poem
3.3 Different stanza patterns e.g some have 3 lines etc
3.4 Irregular rhyme scheme
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