Latin Nouns

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Latin Nouns
1 Nominative Nouns = subject that does the verb
1.1 e.g. ELLA ran the race: Who ran the race? Ella did so Ella is the subject/nominative noun
2 Accusative Noun = object to which the verb is done
2.1 e.g. ELLA ran the race. What did Ella run? She ran THE RACE - ie the race is the object/accusative noun
3 Latin has 3 groups of nouns
3.1 Each group is called a DECLENSION
3.1.1 Each declension forms the nominative, accusative and dative case in a different way DECLENSION NUMBER 1 SINGULAR NOMINATIVE ends in "a" e.g. ANCILLA (slave girl Form the accusative case by adding an "m" - e.g. ANCILLAM PLURAL Nominative ends in "ae" e.g. ancillae accusative ends in "S" e.g ancillas DECLENSION NUMBER 2 SINGULAR Ends in "us" - e.g. Caecilius or servus (servant) Form the accusative case by changing the last "s" to "m" - e.g. Caecilium or servum PLURAL nominative take off "US" and add "I" e.g servi accusative take off "US" and add"OS" e.g servos DECLENSION NUMBER 3 SINGULAR Other nouns that aren't Declension 1 or 2 - e.g. leo (lion) or mercator (merchant) Accusative always ends in "em" - e.g. leonem (lion) or mercatorem (merchant) PLURAL nominative add"ES" e.g leones (also add N) eg1 mercatores accusative is the SAME!!!!
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