Teaching history: past, present and future trends

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Teaching history: past, present and future trends

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Teaching history: past, present and future trends
1 Methods/ Approaches of teaching ESOL. A historical overview
1.1 Grammar-Translation Method (Classical method)
1.1.1 Different kinds of language located in different sections of the brain. No effort to emphasize correct pronunciation No communication Focussed on grammar Use of native language
1.1.2 Still used in the USA to teach languages
1.1.3 Emphasis : reading, translating, conjugation of verbs and explanation and memorization of grammatical rules
1.2 The Direct method
1.2.1 Appeared in 1884
1.2.2 Repetitions or gouins
1.2.3 Native language avoided
1.2.4 Cultural aspects of the TL
1.3 Audio-Lingual Methohs (ALM)
1.3.1 Memorization of dialogues and rote practice
1.3.2 Native language avoided
1.3.3 Too prescriptive
1.4 Suggestopedia
1.4.1 Drama, physical exercise
1.4.2 Traditional modes of listening, reading, speaking and writing
1.4.3 Native language allowed Welcoming atmosphere
1.5 The Silent way
1.5.1 Teachers remain silent much of the time
1.5.2 Students begin to speak when they feel comfortable
1.5.3 Native language avoiuded
1.6 Total Physical Response (TPR)
1.6.1 Better learning Involved physically
1.6.2 Emphasis Listening Until oral proficiency
1.6.3 Limited with the confines of the classroom
1.7 Natural Approach
1.7.1 communicative competence
1.7.2 Krashen's monitor model
1.7.3 Not mechanical exercises
1.7.4 Outside work
1.7.5 Error correction: negative
1.7.6 Emphasis Listening
1.7.7 Natural order of learning
1.8 Communicative Approach
1.8.1 Main goal: Communication Meaningfulness principle Authentic use of language Learning by doing Task principle Real-World tasks Promote language acquisition
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