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Communication processes in project management at BACC

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Project management at BACC_Mind map
1 Decision makers at BACC
1.1 Arts Network Officer: Laila Bunnang
1.2 BACC Director: Luckana Kunarichayanont
1.3 Exhibiting Artists: I.E. Henry Tran
1.4 Heads of Departments: I.E head of exhibition department: Pichaya Suphavanji
2 Stakeholders
2.1 The City of Bangkok/ The Thai government
2.2 Director, Curators & Art Managers, Heads of Departments at BACC
2.3 Private Sponsors
2.4 The public
2.5 The artists
2.6 Board of trustees
3 Art Projects
3.1 The Young Artists Network
3.1.1 "The great artist of tomorrow will go underground" - Marcel Duchamp - See more at:
3.2 'Imply Reply' (2015) See more at:
3.3 'You are not alone' (2012) See more at:
4 Touchstones for decision making processes
4.1 Artistic Imagination
4.1.1 Pushing the envelope: I.E. 'Auto Pilot' (Henry Tran) Self-sustainability of art projects Criticizing the government (non-offensively) Managing ones own space Raising funds from the audience & investing them to fund the projects
4.2 Social Justice
4.2.1 'Imply Reply' Collaboration Huang Yong Ping (exiled Chinese artist) & local artist Sakarin Krue-on
4.2.2 'You are not alone' display Enabling normal display of two men kissing
4.3 Politicial Implications
4.3.1 Allowing censorship? NO, but display in non-offensive way Allowing plattform for social change through wisdom of the curators
4.4 Economic factors
4.4.1 Will an exhibition offend sponsors/ the public/ the city? Trying to minimize effects on funding
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