Prudencia's Personality

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The strange undoing of Prudencia Hart

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Prudencia's Personality
1 Bookish
1.1 'PhD in the topography of Hell'
1.1.1 Takes a long time to gain a PhD and requires great dedication and research
1.1.2 Requires lots of reading and writing
1.1.3 Forshadow's the second part of the play
1.2 Strength
1.2.1 Allows Pru to escape Hell
1.3 Hell is presented as a Library
1.3.1 'just...heaven' She see's Hell as Heaven
1.3.2 Pru's love of books allows her to endure her captivity in Hell
2 Cunning
2.1 She shows cunning when she begins to manipulate her relationship with the Devil
3 Shy/Anti-Social
4 Boring
5 Mysterious
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