Matter, materials and mixtures

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Matter, materials and mixtures
1 Change of state
1.1 We can change the STATE of water from a LIQUID to a SOLID by freezing it and making ice. What happens when we heat it? Does it change state?
2 Change of shape
2.1 We can BEND, TWIST, PRESS and STRECH plasticine. The plasticine STAYS IN THE NEW SHAPE when we stop applying force. What happens to a rubber band when we strech it? What happens when we let go?
3 Combustion
3.1 When we BURN paper, there is a reaction called COMBUSTION. The paper changes into different matter and becomes ASH. Do you think it is possible to change the ash back into paper?
4 Oxidation
4.1 If you leave your bike outside, the metal starts outside in the rain for a long time, the metal starts to turn BROWN and rough. This isn't dirt - It's called rust. The metal reacts with WATER and AIR (Oxigen) and changesinto differnt matter
5 Chemichal changes
5.1 Sometimes matter REACTS with AIR, WATER and OTHER ELEMENTS. These reactions cause the matter to CHANGE INTO DIFFERENT MATTER. These reactions are called CHEMICHAL CHANGES
6 Physical changes
6.1 Matter has different PROPERTIES, like SHAPE, SIZE and STATE. These propeties can change. These changes are called PHYSICAL CHANGES.
7 Separating materials in a mixtures
7.1 Do you think it is possible to SEPARATE the different materials in a mixture? We can separate some materials in a mixture by SIEVING, FILTERING or EVAPORATING.
8 Mixtures
8.1 A MIXTURE is something that contains TWO OR MORE DIFFERENT MATERIALS. Almost everything around us is a mixture, including the air we breathe. In some mixtures we can see the different materials; in others it is imposibleto see the different materials.
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