Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment
1 Do we need Laws?
1.1 Weak would become exploited
1.2 Without rules there would be anarchy and destruction.
1.3 Show acceptable behaviour
1.4 Creation of effective punishment
1.5 Courts need a way to define fair punishment
1.6 Thomas Aquinas said laws must be based on justice otherwise they will not work
1.7 People may think laws are unjust and take matters into their own hands
2 Theories of Punishment
2.1 Reform - punishments should try to change criminals so they do not commit again
2.1.1 Goes against idea of punishment
2.2 Retribution - punishments should make criminal pay for what they have done wrong
2.2.1 Victims often feel the criminal has not been severely punished, removing justice sense
2.3 Deterrence - punishments should be of such a nature that they put people off committing crimes
2.3.1 UK prisons are full and many prisoners reoffend
2.4 Protection - punishment should protect society and themselves from crime and harm
2.4.1 Only works when locked away
3 Justice
3.1 Christian
3.1.1 All equal in eyes of God
3.1.2 Christians have a duty to look after others and guide them to what is right.
3.1.3 Jesus taught we shouldn't seek revenge, we should turn the other cheek. Instead respond with love
3.1.4 Judgement belongs to God. Passing judgement is hypocritical!
3.2 Muslims
3.2.1 "Stand out firmly for justice"
3.2.2 On Last Day good will be rewarded and evil punished - basis of justice.
3.2.3 As Khalifahs, it is duty to behave justly and ensure the world is governed fairly.
3.2.4 Justice is the basis of the pillar of Islam 'Zakah' - 2.5% income given to poor
4 Non-Religious Capital Punishment Arguments
4.1 For
4.1.1 Excellent deterrent - stops people committing crimes, due to serious threat
4.1.2 Removes dangerous people from society
4.1.3 A life for a life is fair retribution
4.1.4 Gives victim's family sense of closure
4.1.5 It can force criminals to confess, creating a life sentence instead of punishable by death
4.2 Against
4.2.1 Innocent people can be mistakenly convicted
4.2.2 Life is scared and noone has the right to take it
4.2.3 Life in prison is a greater deterrent
4.2.4 If there is death penalty for murder, there is nothing stopping someone from being a serial killer
4.2.5 Death penalty is inhumane and barbaric
4.2.6 Terrorists are sometimes viewed as heroes
4.2.7 Execution is the same as murder, and therefore two wrongs do not create a right
5 Religious Capital Punishment
5.1 Christian
5.1.1 For best way of preventing murder and keeping order in society Old Testament sets down the death penalty as punishment. Christian Church uses capital punishment in the past for the crime of heresy and therefore it cannot be 'un-Christian'
5.1.2 Against Jesus banned retribution - an eye for an eye is wrong Christianity is based on the belief that Jesus came to reform sinners Life is sacred and only God can take it. 10 Commandments - 'Do not Kill' Love your Neighbour and Golden Rule
5.2 Muslim
5.2.1 For Islam accepts capital punishment for murder, adultery and apostasy Punishment set down by God in the Qur'an Muhammed made several statements agreeing with it and as Prophet, his words should be followed. Practice of very strict Shariah Law, supporting use of capital punishment for retribution
5.2.2 Against It is recommended by Qur'an but is not compulsory Family of murder victim can receive blood money rather than requiring death sentence
6 Substance Use
6.1 Christian
6.1.1 For Alcohol in Moderation Used in Communion Jesus used it in miracle St Paul allowed moderation Jesus drank wine throughout life, even at death Disciples continue tradition
6.1.2 Against Illegal Drug Usage Against the law and this should be obeyed St Paul said the body is a temple and therefore we should respect it Mental effects make it hard to worship Pope John Paul II - "drug abuse is the new slavery"
6.2 Islam
6.2.1 Substances are forbidden in Islam - viewed as intoxicants
6.2.2 Qur'an - "Satan stirs up hatred among you by means of alcohol, will you not abstain"
6.2.3 Haram - forbidden. Cannot drink or sell alcohol
6.2.4 Medical drugs are only allowed for healing qualities
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