Discovery Learning

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Discovery Learning
1 It is an active process of inquiry-based instruction that encourages learners to build on prior knowledge through experience and to search for new information and relationships based on their interests.
2 Types of Discovery Learning
2.1 Experiments
2.2 Exploration
2.3 Simulation-based learning
2.4 Webquests
2.5 Inquiry-Based Learning
2.6 Problem-based learning
3 Actively engages students in the learning process.
4 Motivates students to participate in class.
5 Encourages autonomy and independence.
6 Promotes the development of creativity and problem-solving skills.
7 The learner interacts with the world around them all the while exploring and questioning during experimentation and the use of trial and error.
8 Teachers give a problem to their students and set their students free to solve it on their own, discovering as they go..
9 It ensures higher levels of retention.
10 Instructors need to be well prepared and anticipate the questions they may receive, and be able to provide the right answers or guidelines.
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