The Earth, Sea and Atmosphere

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Chemistry Unit 1, Topic 1

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The Earth, Sea and Atmosphere
1 C1.1 The Early Atmosphere
1.1 first atmosphere caused by volcanoes
1.1.1 lots of carbon dioxide
1.1.2 lots of water vapour
1.1.3 little oxygen
1.1.4 some other gases
1.2 ocean formation
1.2.1 earth cooled
1.2.2 water vapour condensed
1.3 scientists unsure about early composition
1.3.1 no humans
1.3.2 conflicting evidence
2 C1.2 A Changing Atmosphere
2.1 photosynthesis
2.1.1 increased oxygen levels
2.1.2 decreased carbon dioxide levels
2.2 carbon dioxide levels reduced
2.2.1 dissolved into oceans
2.2.2 marine organisms shells
3 C1.4 The Atmosphere Today
3.1 composition
3.2 causes for change
3.2.1 human activity burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide adds sulphur dioxide deforestation adds carbon dioxide reduces oxygen levels farming adds methane
3.2.2 volcanic activity adds carbon dioxide adds sulphur dioxide
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