Radiation P2

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Radiation P2
1 Alpha
1.1 2 neutrons + 2 protons
1.1.1 Charge = +2
1.2 Highly ionising
1.3 Weak penetration power
1.4 Smoke alarms
1.4.1 Ionise air in chamber Small electrical current flows between 2 electrodes in chamber Smoke enters chamber + absorbs alpha particles
2 Beta
2.1 High energy electron
2.1.1 Charge = -1
2.2 Mildly ionising
2.3 Mild penetration power
2.4 Paper manufacturing
2.4.1 Paper passes between beta source and detector Thickness affects absorption of beta Particle count determines any changes
3 Gamma
3.1 Burst of electromagnetic radiation
3.1.1 No charge
3.2 Weakly ionising
3.3 High penetration power
3.4 Medical uses
3.4.1 Gamma knife Accurately target specific spot for full dose
3.4.2 Sterilises equipment
3.4.3 Tracers Weak gamma with short half life drunk Special camera films movement of fluid Finds leaks in heart valves/blockages in organs
4 Half Life
4.1 Nuclei decay
4.1.1 Number per second is ACTIVITY
4.2 Time it takes number of radioactive nuclei in sample to half
4.3 Time it takes for count rate from radioisotope to decrease 50%
5 Radioactive decay series
5.1 Alpha particle given off
5.1.1 Atomic number goes down by 2
5.1.2 Mass number goes down by 4
5.2 Beta particle given off
5.2.1 Atomic number goes up 1
5.2.2 Mass number doesn't change
6 Nuclear fission
6.1 Nucleus of uranium atom
6.1.1 Bombarded with a neutron and releases: 2 neutrons Energy in the form of radiation + kinetic Radiation = controversial
6.2 Releases heat energy
6.2.1 Used to boil water Drives turbines
6.3 Control rods
6.3.1 Absorb surplus neutrons Control chain reaction
7 Nuclear Fusion
7.1 2 nuclei fused together
7.1.1 Create heavier nucleus
7.1.2 Generates heat energy
7.1.3 No radioactive products
7.2 How energy is released in stars
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