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P1 mind map (not finished)
1 Energy Transfer by heating(P1.1)
1.1 Infrared Radiation
1.1.1 Hotter = More IR emitted
1.1.2 Part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
1.1.3 Energy can be radiated/emitted and it can be absorbed
1.1.4 Dark, matt objects are good absorbers
1.1.5 Light, shiny objects are bad absorbers/good reflectors
1.2 States of Matter
1.2.1 Particles Solid fixed positions, vibrate, generally least energy Liquids move about at random, generally less energy than gas but more than solids Gas move about at random faster, further apart, generally most energy
1.3 Conduction
1.3.1 Metals are best conductors
1.3.2 Materials like wool and fibreglass are best insulators
1.3.3 Non-metals are poor conductors because they don't contain free electrons
1.3.4 When a metal is heated the free electrons at the hot end gain kinetic energy these electrons diffuse (spread out) and collide with other free electrons and ions in the cooler parts, transferring kinetic energy metals contain a lot of free electrons, in non-metal solids the electrons are held in the atoms
1.4 Convection
1.4.1 Caused by heating a gas or liquid
1.4.2 Only happens in liquids and gases
1.4.3 Heating a gas or liquid makes it less dense so it rises and causes circulation
1.5 Condensation
1.5.1 Cooling by evaporation of a liquid is due to the faster-moving molecules escaping from the liquid
1.5.2 Evaporation can be increased by increasing the surface area of the liquid, by increasing the liquid's temperature, or by creating a draught of air across the liquid's surface
1.5.3 Condensation on a surface can be increased by increasing the area of the surface or reducing the temperature of the surface
1.6 Specific Heat Capacity
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