Tema 8. Energy. Save Energy

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how can we save energy?

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Tema 8. Energy. Save Energy
1 Reduce
1.1 Means buying less so that you throw away less
1.1.1 Repair things when they break
1.1.2 Don´t use disposable items
1.1.3 Avoid packaging
1.1.4 Buy large packs when possible
2 Reuse
2.1 Means using things again instead of throwing them away
2.1.1 Use paper on both sides
2.1.2 Take juice to school in a reusable bottle
2.1.3 Make a pencil pot from a metal can
2.1.4 Give your old toys away
3 Recycle
3.1 Means sorting your waste and putting it in the right recycling bank. Recycling materials uses much less energy than making new ones
3.1.1 paper and cardboard
3.1.2 metal and plastic
3.1.3 glass
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