What is spanglish? Is the combination betwen English

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What is spanglish? Is the combination betwen English
1 Introduction: Spanglish is a beautifull movie, it is about a woman that has Economical problems and she is looking for a job in order to slove them, she will learn about take decisions and always choose the correct way.
2 Characters: Flor Moreno, Jonh Clasky, Debora Clasky, Bernice, Georgie and Cristina
3 Shelter, Mess, Chronically, Fetch, Raving, Asshole, Wharehouse, Fulness, Daring, smooth, Settle, thrilled, Deep,, Impolite, Vise, Port, Nuts, Odd
4 1) When Cristina wrote a essay about her mother was awesome because she shows that she really admire her, and she is a good example to follow for her. 2) When Flor kissed Jonh at the restaurant she decided to leave because she knew thart it wasn´t correct. 3) When Flor decided to leave the Clasky´s house because she recognize that she was loosing her Daugther, it was a hard decision and she did it well. 4) At the end of the movie Cristina understood that her mother was doing the best for bought and she forgave her.
5 Bunch, Scholarship, Risk, Release, Fed, Hang out, Urge, Converge, Judging, Interfered, Hose, Pace, Flunk, Spark, Sanity, Grunt, Earn, Cheer up, Try.
6 Conclusion: This is a beautiful movie, it teach us about decisions, the movie show us that we have to recognize that we don´t have to forget who we are, and where we come from
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