My Last Duchess (AO2)

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My Last Duchess (AO2)
1 Form
1.1 Fra Pandolf is an imaginary artist (name dropping) - give everything monetary value
2 Structure
2.1 Written in Iambic Pentameter - Natural speech rhythm and heart beat
2.2 Dramatic Monologue
2.3 Very strict rhyme scheme - reflects the Duke's attitude and behaviour - having to be in control
3 Narrative Voice
3.1 Duke is portrayed in a negative light and one-dimensional
3.2 Different interpretations of the Duke's character are allowed through Browning's freedom of Iambic Pentameter
3.3 Diction of the lines also hint at different aspects of his character
4 Language
4.1 "That's my last Duchess painted on the wall" the narrator says 'my' which shows his possessiveness, but also talks about her as an object - a piece of art
4.2 "looking as if she were alive'' suggests that she is dead already
4.3 ''A piece a wonder now'' emphasizing the objectification
4.4 ''The curtain I have drawn for you'' Shows the Duchess as something just to be looked at as a piece of art, but also shows his possessivness again as only he can reveal here
4.4.1 Alive or dead she has no say
4.4.2 The curtain is in place so that he can hide or show off his prize possession when he wants - another suggestion of control as he wont allow her to displayed all the time
4.5 ''the depth of passion of it's earnest glance'' shows the Duke likes beautiful things
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