Bilingualism in Colombia

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beneficios y debilidades

Resource summary

Bilingualism in Colombia
  1. Professionally
    1. Factors
      1. economic
        1. weaknesses
          1. weaknesses lack of job oportunidaes by the foreign language
            1. lack of doing business
            2. benefits
              1. duplication of wages
                1. the expancion business
                  1. duplicaacion the utility company
                2. social
                  1. benefits
                    1. the fluid communication world
                      1. teachings and understandings
                        1. change stigmatization of Colombians
                          1. societies to meet us as we
                          2. weaknesses
                            1. Bullying affects foreign
                              1. stigma with us
                                1. racism on the "inferiority"
                              2. cultural
                                1. benefits
                                  1. learn and teach the world, travel
                                    1. be spontaneous, to those apathetic societies
                                    2. weaknesses
                                      1. demonstrate the culture to the surface, as we capture with nustro Creole dialect
                                    3. market
                                      1. weaknesses
                                        1. estancanos in everyday
                                          1. have low positions
                                            1. not be admitted to multinational
                                              1. entorpeser functions on our language
                                              2. benefits
                                                1. be highly competitive
                                                  1. vocational training
                                                    1. export products
                                                  2. political
                                                    1. benefits
                                                      1. agusto feel and quiet with laws
                                                        1. teach good references of our country
                                                          1. access for the whole family
                                                            1. our Founding Fathers handle a good profile
                                                            2. weaknesses
                                                              1. fluidity of external communication
                                                                1. smoothly with the laws, by the comprencion
                                                                  1. lack of knowledge in reaching a new country
                                                                2. technological
                                                                  1. weaknesses
                                                                    1. any technology we would difficult
                                                                    2. benefits
                                                                      1. will have unlimited access
                                                                        1. understand the real options of equipment
                                                                          1. would access easier mind without errors
                                                                            1. comprencion and manuals would be more accurate
                                                                          2. benefits would more generally in any of the factors affecting our future
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