WIL Vision Eve - ways to take next steps (Aug 2013)

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Mind Map on WIL Vision Eve - ways to take next steps (Aug 2013), created by AN Overview on 10/07/2013.

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Created by AN Overview about 6 years ago
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WIL Vision Eve - ways to take next steps (Aug 2013)
1 WIL Being in Print
1.1 A book
1.2 Blog
1.3 Collection of pieces
2 Professional Support
2.1 To be able to read work, share a screenplay, read a script
3 Live Events
3.1 Rehearsed Readings
3.2 Scenes
3.3 Ripping scripts (office of night long learning)
3.3.1 5 pages per week read out loud
3.4 Reading opposite roles - eg. Male reads females roles and vice versa
3.5 Book slam style event
4 "Spread the love rather than the cynicism"
4.1 Other words mentioned
4.1.1 conform
4.1.2 manifesto
5 Group booklet for agent meetings
5.1 Also can be used for producer meetings
5.2 Avail in the members only section perhaps
6 Online series "Choose your own adventure"
6.1 Each week can go toward A or B. A writer must continue the story
7 WIL Blog
7.1 Different contributors each week from the group
8 Make a film
8.1 Young writers reading the material
8.2 Showreel for a writer
8.3 Make a trailer
8.4 Committing screenwriting to film
8.5 * Q: What could you do with a novel?

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