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Mind Map
  1. Graphs and Charts
    1. Fractions and percentages
      1. Advers
        1. since, in and ago
        2. Profit an loss
          1. financial statement
            1. Comparing facts and figures
            2. Invoicing and payment
              1. sudden decisions, predictions and promises
                1. simple mathematical terms
                  1. daily, weekly, every day, every week
                  2. setting up a visit
                    1. Planning an itinerary
                      1. the future
                      2. Means of travel
                        1. travel vocabulary
                          1. Travel instructions
                          2. Travel problems
                            1. giving directions
                              1. Lost baggage questionnaire
                              2. About the product
                                1. A range of products
                                  1. Weights and measurements
                                    1. Materials (Glass, metal, etc.)
                                    2. About the process
                                      1. A process description
                                        1. Product details
                                          1. Describing products
                                          2. Making comparisons
                                            1. Comparing contact lenses
                                              1. Comparative and superlatives adjectives
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