Chromium [Cr2O7]2-

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A quick overview of the reactions of Chromium

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Chromium [Cr2O7]2-
  1. Orange Solution
    1. <-----Acid Alkali----->
      1. [CrO4]2-
        1. Yellow Solution
          1. <-----H2O2
            1. [Cr(OH)6]3-
              1. Green Solution
                1. XS NaOH----->
                  1. Cr(H2O)3(OH)3
                    1. Green Precipitate
          2. Zn + HCl OR Fe2+ acidified with HCl
            1. [Cr(H2O)6]3+
              1. Green Solution
                1. XS NH3
                  1. [Cr(NH3)6]3+
                    1. Purple Solution
                  2. <-----O2 Zinc and HCl----->
                    1. [Cr(H2O)6]2+
                      1. Blue Solution
                    2. Limited NaOH/NH3
                      1. ------->
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