UNIT 19-24

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unit 19-42 Contains vocbulary and grammar

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UNIT 19-24
  1. vocabulary
    1. staff deveolpment
      1. Factor Credibility Hesitate Revolutionise Football Chess Baseball Athletics Kick off On the ball Stalemate Touch base Race against time
      2. job applications
        1. Referees Achievements Interests Work experience Other skills Contact details Education Personal profile Employment Recruit Recruitment
        2. Investments
          1. Broker Shares Shareholder Stock Capital Dividend Stock Exchange Commodity Bull market Floated Dividend yield Stake Flotation Bonds Equities Outperformed Downturn Modest Volatile Tips
          2. starting up
            1. Raise capital Secure a loan Provide funding/capital Invest Sabe Spend Waste Flood Pour Pump Tap into
            2. recruitment
              1. Impressive Unimpressive Impression Dismiss Recruit Redundant Resign Aggressive Motivated Confident Productive Enthusiastic Reliable Loyal Slow to learn
            3. grammar
              1. First conditional
                1. present simple + will
                2. Subject relative clauses Object relative clauses
                  1. Which, who , that, where
                  2. Second conditional
                    1. past simple + would
                    2. Reported speech
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