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ment, ous, able, ist.

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  1. suffix OUS to transform nouns into adjective
    1. dangerOUS
      1. poisonOUS
        1. famOUS
          1. furiOUS
          2. suffix MENT to transform verbs into nouns
            1. exciteMENT
              1. equipMENT
                1. moveMENT
                2. suffix ER to transform verbs into nouns
                  1. paintER
                    1. exploreR
                      1. writeR
                      2. suffix LIST to some nouns into NEW nouns
                        1. tourIST
                          1. novelIST
                            1. journalIST
                            2. suffix ABLE to transform some verbs into adjectives
                              1. acceptABLE
                                1. comfortABLE
                                  1. usABLE
                                  2. suffix ERY to transform some words into nouns.
                                    1. deliverY
                                      1. bakeRY
                                        1. nurseRY
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