Ecosystems and humans

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Outline about ecosystems

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Ecosystems and humans
  1. Ecosystems
    1. Elements
      1. The physical environment or habitat
        1. Living things
          1. The interaction
            1. Adaptations
              1. Of the body
                1. Of the behaviour
            2. Food chains
              1. Producers
                1. Consumers
                  1. Herbivores
                    1. Carnivores
                      1. Omnivores
                        1. Scavengers
                        2. Decomposers
                      2. Human activity
                        1. Overexploiting natural resources
                          1. Loss of biodiversity
                          2. Destroying the natural environment
                            1. Loss of natural spaces
                            2. Causing pollution
                              1. Climate change
                                1. Protecting the planet
                                  1. Exploit resources carefully and protect endangered species
                                    1. Protect natural spaces
                                      1. Reduce pollution
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