Ingredients to a Successful Story

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Ingredients I think personally are needed to write a successful English story.

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Ingredients to a Successful Story
  1. Setting
    1. Every story is required to have a setting for events to take place, for the plot take its toll.
      1. A good example of a setting is in the book "1984" the setting in this book is set as a broken, futuristic world.
      2. Atomspere/mood
        1. Every good story has great atmosphere among its pages. Atmosphere is required to give the book some life, it gets the reader interested.
          1. Example: A great atmosphere is present in the book "1984",as I said before the setting of this world is broken and futuristic so therefore this will already create a lot of tension, the main theme through out the plot is being watched, this can create a lot of tension and stress among the characters which feeds the readers interest while also tampering with the readers emotions.
          2. Time
            1. Time is very important throughout a story, it sets the feel of the story, when I say time I mean whether the story is set in Past, Present or future.
              1. Example: In "Romeo and Juliet" the story is set in a time long gone, its because of this time setting we have the story as back in that time period arranged marriages happened more frequently and young love was common. It is because of the time set we have this classic. This is why it is important to choose a suitable time period.
              2. Description
                1. There are many different branches for description.
                  1. There is: 1)Adjectives 2)Terms 3)Sensual Language 4)Structure
                  2. 1)Adjectives: In descriptive language it is important to use adjectives to make the sentence more interesting for the reader.
                    1. Example: A quote taken from "Of Mice and Men", "The water is warm too, for it has slipped twinkling over the yellow sands in the sunlight before reaching the narrow pool". As you can clearly see adjectives add interest to the sentence and they help paint a clear image in the readers mind.
                    2. 2)Terms:When I say terms I am referring to terms such as "Simile", "Metaphor", "personification, "Alliteration" and many more. What these terms do is again add a nice flow to the story, they make it more excitable.
                      1. Example:A quote taken from "Of Mice and Men", "On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly as little grey, sculptured stones".This one sentence has many of the told terms present, "Simile", "Personification" and "alliteration", as you can see this sentence has been given a lot more life and has a nice tone of language to it that gives off a good atmosphere.
                      2. 3)Sensual Language: It is important especially if you are doing descriptive writing that you use sensual language. Sensual language is when you describe all five senses. Without sensual language you cannot fully describe an area properly as using sensual language paints a clearer picture in the readers mind while also gives the story a nice flow.
                        1. Example: Quote taken from "Of Mice and Men", "There is a path among the willows and among the sycamores, a path beaten hard by boys coimg down from the ranches to swim in the deep pool." In this quote the writer uses one of the senses involved in sensual language, "sight". You can clearly see that without sensual language the sentence would be boring and would not give the reader a clear image.
                        2. 4)Structure: When writing a sentence we always place the adjective before the noun, but if we place the noun before the adjective it can sometimes effect the entire sentence making it more intresting and adds a new rhythem to it.
                          1. Example: A quote taken from "Of Mice and Men", "A path beaten heard", as you can see when you change the structure of the sentence it sounds nicer and gives the sentence more interest as the difference catches the readers attention.
                        3. Characters
                          1. Characters are an ecential part of a story as most of the time the story is based on them and their life.The idea is too genrally have a Protaganast and an Antagonest.Then have backup characters that appear every so often that way the story will never get boring as you are constantly see new faces.There is an idea that if you have many different types of personalities bewtwwen characters these will clash causing "climax"
                            1. Example: The main Character Sam from the book "slam" is a humorus character that I suspect has a grudge against his father for leaving his mother but he is a budding artist with only what I assume to be a crush.As you can see if you have an exciting character you can get the reader interested, Some people may be able to relate to Sam which would make you grow closer to the character.
                          2. Plot
                            1. Every story needs a clear plot which has a Start, Middle(climax) and End(resolution),you need to know what is going to happen in the story, it needs to be planned out. If you do not plan out your plot line you could lose your entire story.
                              1. Example: If you take the story line of "1984", that has a start, middle, and End, its plot has been planned out and the main theme/idea of being watched is still present in the story till the end.
                              2. Narritive
                                1. It is important to decide which narrative will suit your story weither you will chose "First-person" or "Third-person" , this will effect the entire view on your story as in first person you grow quite close to the character and see only how they would deal with certain situations, in first person there is suspense in the climax as only you know what the main character knows, whereas in third person you meet many different characters and see how they all handle things, while also the suspense if you may know what will happen and will worry and stress as you have no way of preventing the climax from happening to the characters you hold so dear.
                                  1. Example: In the book "Slam", it is set in first person. We as the reader can only see Sam's thoughts and actions whereas in third person "1984" we can see more of the world around us.
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