The 5 Pillars of Islam

Maxime Gadioux
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Higher Level Religion (Islam) Mind Map on The 5 Pillars of Islam, created by Maxime Gadioux on 10/08/2013.

Maxime Gadioux
Created by Maxime Gadioux about 6 years ago
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The Five Pillars of Islam
The 5 Pillars of Islam
1 Shahadah (Creed)
1.1 "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger"
1.1.1 First words spoken into a newborn baby's ear
1.1.2 Last words prayed with a dying person
1.1.3 Prayed several times per day
2 Salat (Prayer)
2.1 Ritual of praying 5 times every day
2.1.1 Prayed: at dawn, just after noon, in the mid-afternoon, just after sunset and after dark Said in Arabic Verses from the Qur'an
2.2 Mosque
2.2.1 Muslim men perform the afternoon prayer there on Fridays
2.2.2 Place of Worship
3 Sawm (Fasting)
3.1 Ramadan
3.1.1 9th month of Islamic calendar (August)
3.1.2 Muslims don't eat nor drink during daylight hours
3.1.3 Time of prayer, meditation and reflection
4 Hajj (Pilgrimage)
4.1 Takes place during 12th Islamic month
4.1.1 Every Muslim is expected to visit the Ka'ba in Mecca at least once in their life The Ka'ba is the most important Islamic place of worship
4.2 Series of rituals
4.2.1 Walking 7 times anti-clockwise around the Ka'ba
4.2.2 Walking between two hills 7 times
4.2.3 Journey to Plain of Arafat
4.2.4 Throw 7 stones at three pillars Recalls when Abraham rejected the devil 3 times
4.2.5 Festival of Eid ul-Adha
5 Zakah (Charity)
5.1 2.5% of savings given to poor
5.1.1 Seen as a way of distributing the wealth more fairly and purifying one's soul.

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