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Spelling Words
  1. goalkeeper-arquero
    1. we are goingt painters the beautifil paint of goalkeeper
    2. qualitive-cualitativo
      1. my favorite person is going to do a quialitive jump
      2. synchronized-sincronizado
        1. they are going to take course to swim sychronized
        2. immigration-imigracion
          1. i´m going to entrer to any immigration program
          2. quarterfinals-cuartos de final
            1. my favorite team will be in quaterfinals
            2. symmetrical-simetrico
              1. i´m going to create my house really simmetrical
              2. whole number-numero entero
                1. im going to used a whole number in my equation
                2. acclimation-aclimatacion
                  1. My apartment are will have aclimitation
                  2. cretaceous-cretacio
                    1. Mi friend is going to back to period cretaceous
                    2. polyhedron- poliedro
                      1. We will a paint a beautiful polyhedron
                      2. associtive-associativo
                        1. My bussines arre going to be really associative
                        2. quarterback-mariscal de campo
                          1. i´m going to be quarterback
                          2. probability-probabilidad
                            1. i will have a probability of pass math
                            2. anchorperson-presentador
                              1. he is going to be an anchorperson at chanel 5
                              2. gymanstics-gimnasia
                                1. he is going to be good at gymnastics
                                2. sweepstakes-
                                  1. calisthenics-calistemico
                                    1. he will do the calistenics for the match
                                    2. isothermal-isotermico
                                      1. tha will be an isothermical problem
                                      2. touchdown-aterrizaje
                                        1. in the match he will do a touchdown
                                        2. poliynomial-polinomio
                                          1. im will learn how to opperate poliynomial ecuations
                                          2. scrimmage-pelea
                                            1. he is going to have a scrimmage tomorrow
                                            2. paralympics-paralimpicos
                                              1. he is going to be at the paralimpics of 2016
                                              2. rhomboidal-romboide
                                                1. he is going to have a romboidal car
                                                2. breaststroke-estilo mariposa
                                                  1. im going to learn the breaststroke style
                                                  2. approximate-aproximado
                                                    1. the system will aproximate my grade to 7
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