5. How did you attract/address your audience?

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5. How did you attract/address your audience?
1 imovie
1.1 We used imovie to edit.
1.2 We used imovie to identify the clips we wanted to use in our movie.
1.3 i learnt many things using imovie
1.3.1 Like using transitions
1.3.2 The use of text over top of the movie
1.3.3 The use of images over the top of the original footage
1.3.4 How to screen record For the recording of the animations of the production company logos
2 Garageband
2.1 Was good for extra editing after the use of imovie
2.2 The use of editing music and sound was a lot easier to use on Garageband
2.2.1 I learnt how to change the pitch of certain sounds
2.2.2 I learnt how to add different tracks so I could edit the tone of each music track or diagetic dialogue.
3 Fireworks
3.1 I learnt how to use the animation tool
3.2 In whiich I made the production company logos
3.3 I learnt how to add several layers and then add motion to these before still images.
4 Freesound
4.1 I learnt how to use non copyrighted music
4.2 In which I could easily find ready made tracks easily on line to create the sound of a stereotypical crime genre film.
5 Prezi
5.1 This was one of my favourite programs to use.
5.2 Here i learnt how to create my own prezi as the shoice of different presentation backgrounds that could be used were in small quanitity
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