Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem)

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Description of Jem Finch, information from BBC Bitesize

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Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem)
  1. Scout's older brother
    1. Nearly ten at the start of the novel and almost thirteen at the end
    2. He is close to scout
      1. he spends all his time at home with her
        1. As he gets older he doesn't like being with Scout in public and spends more time with a football team.
        2. He always looks out for her and protects her
        3. He loves and admires his father
          1. He sees himself as brave and casts himself as the hero in their games
            1. Although like the others he is scared of passing the radley house, he proves his bravery when he goes back to the Radley's place after being shot at.
            2. He is intelligent and quick-thinking.
              1. He is the first to spot the mad dog and tell Cal
                1. He creates a snowman out of earth covered in snow
                  1. He knows that the ground is cooler under a tree as he leads Scout to and from the school pagaent.
                  2. Scout describes him as having "a naturally tranquil disposition and a slow fuse.
                    1. He is more mature than Scout and so has a better grasp of the trial.
                      1. He is convinced of victory and so his faith in the justice system and in human nature is shaken when Tom is pronounced guilty.
                        1. Scout says "his shoulders jerked as if each 'guilty' was a separate stab between them"
                      2. Jem's broken arm is the first thing we hear about in the novel.
                        1. This creates suspense- we want to find out how it happened, but are not told until almost at the end.
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