Why did Hitler come to power in 1933?


why hitler came to power in 1933
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Why did Hitler come to power in 1933?
  1. Wall Street Crash-1929
    1. End of financial assistance from USA (Dawes Plan)
      1. Unemployment rose to 6 million= 20% of population
        1. Hyperinflation
          1. Threat of communism increased
            1. Coalition governments failed to address problem
            2. Nazi Strategies
              1. Munich Putsch-1923
                1. Failed and Hitler sent to prison
                  1. Nazis gained publicity
                    1. Hitler re-thought Nazi strategies in prison
                    2. Built fear of left-wing communist groups
                      1. Use of force against communists and trade unionists was popular with big businesses
                        1. Big businesses became very important after new economic plans
                        2. Populism
                          1. Used military uniforms to show strength
                            1. Impressed traditionalists and soldiers
                            2. For traditional values
                              1. Propaganda
                              2. Hitler
                                1. Inspiring speeches
                                  1. 'Mein Kampf'
                                    1. Strong and determined leadership
                                      1. Nuremberg rallies good for propaganda
                                      2. Government
                                        1. Weak coalition government after Stresemann's death
                                          1. From 1-3% of votes to 11 million votes in 1932 but missed out
                                            1. After 1933 break down of coalition government, Hitler got a 37% majority in new votes
                                              1. Hitler appointed chancellor in 1933 by Hindenburg who thought he could control him
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