Of Mice and Men Themes

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Of Mice and Men Themes
  1. Dream
    1. George
      1. George and Lennie share a dream- to own a little patch of land and live on it with freedom.
        1. He is so set on the idea that he even knows of some land that he thinks he could buy.
        2. Lennie
          1. George and Lennie share a dream- to own a little patch of land and live on it in freedom.
            1. Lennie's main desire is to tend the soft- haired rabbits they will keep.
            2. Crooks
              1. Crooks dreams of being seen as equal to everyone else, He knows his civil rights.
                1. He remembers fondly his childhood, when he played with white children who came to his family's ranch, and longs for a similar relationship with white people again.
                2. Candy
                  1. Candy joins George and Lennie's plan on owning a piece of land.
                    1. His savings would make the dream actually possible.
                    2. Curley's Wife
                      1. She dreams of being a movie star.
                        1. Her hopes were raised by a man who claimed he would take her to Hollywood, but when she didn't receive a letter from him, she married Curley.
                      2. Loneliness
                        1. George
                          1. George is not lonely during the novel because he has Lennie.
                            1. He will be lonely afterwards without Lennie.
                            2. Lennie
                              1. Lennie is the only character who is innocent enough not to fear loneliness.
                                1. Lennie gets angry when Crooks suggests George won't come back for him.
                                2. Curley's Wife
                                  1. She is married to a man she doesn't love and who doesn't love her.
                                    1. There are no other women on the ranch and she has nothing to do. She tries to befriend the men bt hanging round the bunk house.
                                    2. Candy
                                      1. When Candy's ancient, ill dog was shot Candy had no one left.
                                        1. He delayed killing the dog, even though he knew deep down that it was the best thing to do, as he dreaded losing his long time companion.
                                        2. Crooks
                                          1. Crooks live in enforced solitude, away from the other men.
                                            1. He is thrilled when Lennie and Candy come into his room and are his companions for a night.
                                          2. The American Dream
                                            1. Anyone can achieve personal success and happiness through hard work.
                                              1. All characters dream of a better life
                                                1. George and Lennie's dream is powerful because of their unexpected chance that it might actually come true.
                                                  1. The novel shows that the pursuit of happiness will not necessarily bring happiness itself.
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