Did the status and condition of women improve in Nazi Germany?

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was the life of women in nazi germany good?

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Did the status and condition of women improve in Nazi Germany?
  1. Children/family
    1. If you had children-got a marriage loan. If you had four, fully repaid
      1. Mother's honour cross from 1938 for having 4 babies-- hitler youth had to salute
        1. Encouraged to have babies and stay at home
          1. Had to be racially and medically pure to have babies
            1. Contraception forbidden and abortion illegal by 1938- death sentence punishment
            2. Work
              1. BDM
                1. Good leadership opportunities
                  1. By 1938- 3.5 million girls
                    1. Elite sent to Poland
                      1. Bridal schools established
                        1. Not supposed to show intelligence
                        2. Jobs
                          1. Offered jobs in war industry
                            1. Excluded from all positions of power
                              1. Not aloud to work in civil service if married
                                1. Not aloud to be lawyers or doctors
                                  1. Women forced to work without pay
                                2. Status
                                  1. Mother's day became a national holiday
                                    1. Priviledged status as wives
                                      1. Forced infertility for non-Aryan race
                                        1. 8 million youth boys and girls took oath of loyalty to Hitler at Nuremberg rallies
                                          1. Many tried suicide
                                            1. Over a million widows after war
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