The 'Terror State' in Nazi Germany

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the terror state

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The 'Terror State' in Nazi Germany
1 The SS
1.1 led by Heinrich Himmler
1.2 Nazi Aryans, highly trained+loyal to Hitler
1.3 Job: destroy opposition and carry out racial policies
2 The Gestapo= secret state police
2.1 Led by Reinhard Heydrich
2.2 most feared
2.3 Could arrest citizens and send them to concentration camps solely on suspicion
2.4 Germans thought they were extremely powerful so they informed on each other anyway
2.5 Germans thought they were everywhere but only 50,000 in Germany
3 The police and courts
3.1 Top jobs were given to high-ranking Nazis reporting to Himmler
3.2 Ignored crimes committed by Nazis
3.3 Opponents to Nazis rarely got a fair trial
4 Concentration camps
4.1 Led by SS Death's head unit
4.2 For Jews, socialists, communists, trade unionists, church and anyone who criticised the Nazis
4.3 Hard labor and discipline
4.4 Food shortage
4.5 Beatings and random executions
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