The ELT Curriculum

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Program of education, planning, implementation and evaluation

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The ELT Curriculum
1 Program of Education
1.1 Planning
1.2 implementation
1.3 Evaluation
2 Classical Humanism
2.1 Ignores factors
2.1.1 Context
2.1.2 Appropriacy of use
2.1.3 Modes of discourse
2.1.4 Individual learner needs
2.2 Cultural heritage
2.3 The context as central focus
2.4 Not take into account
2.4.1 abilities
2.4.2 Problems of the individual learner
2.5 Assessment
2.5.1 Ability to produce grammatically language
3 Reconstructionism
3.1 Appropiate in
3.1.1 Foreign language learning
3.1.2 Vocational training
3.1.3 Transmition of skills
3.2 Criticisms
3.2.1 Personal development
3.2.2 Autonomy
3.2.3 Self fulfilment
3.3 The attraction
3.3.1 Accoutability
3.3.2 Ease of evaluation
3.3.3 Clarity of goals
3.4 Bring social change
3.5 Origin
3.5.1 Management of education
3.5.2 Work of behavioural psychologists
4 Progressivism
4.1 Purpose
4.1.1 The individual to progress towards self-fulfilment.
4.1.2 Formulation of objectives related to the procedural principles
4.1.3 Rests on concepts of learner needs
4.2 Awareness
4.3 Development of understanding
4.4 Possibilities for future learning
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