The Nazi Youth Policy

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the nazi youth policy

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The Nazi Youth Policy
  1. Create future 'master race'
    1. Institutions of national+social education-1934
      1. 1/6 of all lessons = PE
        1. Camping+hiking
          1. BDM girls taught about racial purity
            1. Lebensborn policy -1934--- young girls would go to Nazi barracks to get pregnant
            2. Promote Nazi ideology
              1. Children had racial studies
                1. 'Nazi Teacher's League'- 1935
                  1. By 1939- 60% of teachers different to in 1933-- conc. camps, didn't want to work for Nazis... etc
                  2. 'Law for restoration of civil service'-1933-- all jews and communists cannot teach
                    1. 'Adolf Hitler schools' -1935
                      1. New anti-jew+ communist curriculum- 1934
                        1. BDM girls taught to be domestic workers
                        2. Prepare for war
                          1. War games in school
                            1. Taught about 'heroism'
                              1. Given weapons training in Nazi Youth
                                1. Map reading + survival training
                                2. Create cult of Hitler
                                  1. only 1/4 schoolboys believed in God
                                    1. 1938- membership to Nazi Youth became compulsory
                                      1. 1939- 7 million members
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