'If' Poem by Rudyard Kipling

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'If' Poem by Rudyard Kipling
  1. Themes:
    1. Success
      1. a checklist to success (success criteria)
      2. Failure
        1. what could happen in life and how to get past it
        2. Possibilities
          1. the chances his son could get as an adult
          2. Determination
            1. what his son needs to get where he wants to be
            2. Growing Up
              1. the father is giving his son a list on how to become a man
            3. Form and Structure
              1. Regular Rhyming Sceme
                1. ABABCDCD
                  1. every alternate line rhymes
                    1. gives a sence of control and order
                    2. Didactic Poem
                      1. poem designed to give instructions
                        1. father to son
                          1. superior power giving instruction to a younger famiy member
                          2. instructing his son how to control his life
                      2. Language Techniques
                        1. use of 'you' emphasizes didactic nature
                          1. giving reader advice. making reader ask questions about our own lives
                            1. makes poem more personal
                            2. Capitalisation
                              1. 'Triumph' and 'Disaster'
                                1. both concepts are personified
                                  1. treat both of them the same
                                    1. remain grounded and positive
                                  2. Repitition
                                    1. 'If' or 'If you'
                                      1. makes the poem seem like a checklist
                                        1. emphasizes unending possibilities of opportunities.
                                          1. unpredictability of life
                                      2. need to prepare his son
                                        1. Juxtaposition
                                          1. 'Kings' and 'Commen'
                                            1. wants his son to stay humble and grounded.
                                              1. universal nature
                                              2. keep your head up in all situation
                                                1. stay calm
                                            2. Poem is about a father talking to his son. He is giving him a sort of checklist on how to keep control of your life and become a man.
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