What was the greatest achievement of the 45-51 Labour government?

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What was the greatest achievement of the 45-51 Labour government?
1 Economic
1.1 Nationalisation
1.1.1 For Taxpayers own a share of industries. Industries saved from no profit after WWII.
1.1.2 Against Stopped private companies e.g. profitable steel.
1.2 Keynesianism
1.2.1 For Tackled 5 giants. Spent money on NHS.
1.2.2 Against Budget deficit. Didn't improve economy.
2 Social
2.1 Beveridge Report / NHS
2.1.1 For Free long-term healthcare. Healthcare system better than laissez-faire.
2.1.2 Against Expensive - the "dandruff syndrome." Middle class still had better healthcare.
2.2 Education
2.2.1 For Tripartite system and 11+ equal.
2.2.2 Against Better schools in better areas cemented classes.
3 Political
3.1 Foreign Policy
3.1.1 For Convinced US of need for Marshall Aid. Indian independence allowed focus on UK.
3.1.2 Against £ devalued. Marshall Aid only paid off in 2006. Loss of prestige / resources.
3.2 NATO
3.2.1 For Helped stop Soviet expansion / establish UK as world country.
3.2.2 Against Severed USSR ties. Increased nuclear spending.
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