Visiting Hour Quotes Analysed

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Just a few quotes from the poem that I've analysed. Didn't get a chance to do the imagery ones but they won't be too difficult anyways to understand.

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Visiting Hour Quotes Analysed
  1. 'What seems a corpse'
    1. Preoccupied by death
      1. Discomfort
      2. 'I will not feel, I will not feel until I have to'
        1. Repition
          1. The visit will be difficult but he won't feel any emotion until the situation worsens
            1. Has to face the problem sooner or later
              1. Matra
                1. Enjambment
                  1. Emphasizes the word 'not'
                2. 'Lightly, swiftly'
                  1. Positive
                    1. Conveys a good business
                    2. Delicate
                    3. 'Here up and down and there'
                      1. Inversion
                        1. Jumbling the syntax
                        2. Conveys the image of the hospital as nurses move threw corridors
                        3. 'Carrying their burden'
                          1. Heavy
                            1. Weighs them down
                            2. Finds it miracolous that the nurses can still hold themselves together
                              1. 'after so many farewells'
                              2. Nurses are emortionally strong
                                1. 'So many'
                                  1. Repition
                                    1. Conveys the scale of burden the nurses carry
                                  2. 'Miraculously'
                                    1. Religion
                                      1. Nurses thought of as God's angels
                                      2. Admiring the nurses and their hard work
                                      3. 'Ward 7'
                                        1. Caesura
                                          1. Lets us know where the writer is
                                            1. As if we are there too
                                            2. Interior monologue
                                            3. 'A glass fang is fixed , not guzzling not giving'
                                              1. Imagery
                                                1. Conveys the image of a vampire
                                                  1. Patient is receiving treatment to prevent her from death
                                                    1. Short analysis of poem.. found it helpful!
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