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  1. Quarterback
    1. romero is the worst quarterback in the earth
    2. Quarterback
      1. Sinchhronized
        1. romero is bad in synchronized swimm
        2. breaststroke
          1. rolo is the best breaststroker in the scohol
          2. sweepstakes
            1. Romero never win the sweeptake
            2. Distributive
              1. romero dosent know to use the distributive property
              2. polyhedron
                1. Romero doesnt know what is polyhedron
                2. paralimpics
                  1. romero likes the paralimpics
                  2. calisthenics
                    1. Romero does calistghenic everyday
                    2. somersault
                      1. I hate somersaults
                      2. whole number
                        1. the whole numbers are good
                        2. polynomial
                          1. i can do a polynomial
                          2. isothermal
                            1. the isothermal is a strange grafic
                            2. coefficient
                              1. the coeficent is a part of a polynomial
                              2. symmetrical
                                1. the square is simmetrical
                                2. probability
                                  1. i learn about probability in estadistic
                                  2. MORE SPELLING
                                    1. I CAN DO A TOUCHDOWN
                                      1. asymptotic
                                        1. the asymptotic is representet by graphics
                                        2. immigration
                                          1. i was in immigration in USA
                                          2. cretaceus
                                            1. the cretaceus period was a lot time ago
                                            2. anchorperson
                                              1. rolo will be a ancholperson
                                              2. backstroke
                                                1. rolo do the betters backstrokes
                                                2. goalkepper
                                                  1. maikol is a good goalkepper
                                                  2. associative
                                                    1. i can use the assosiative propiety
                                                    2. scrimmage
                                                      1. the scrimmage is a movement in american fotball
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