What successes did Louis have up to 1820 & why was he successful?

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Mind map on the Bourbons no 2.

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What successes did Louis have up to 1820 & why was he successful?
  1. Successes
    1. Able ministers (Richelieu, Decazes)
      1. Finances overhauled & credit re-established
        1. E.g. 1818 - new accounting system + dept. reports
          1. By 1818, only Br had better finances (role of Corvetto)
          2. Indemnity promptly paid off
            1. Army of occupation left by 1818
              1. New Law (Law Gouvion St Cyr - 1818) created professional army of 240,000 men
                1. Electoral laws of Charter confirmed
                  1. Voter over 30 paying 300 FPY taxes, deps over 40 paying 1000 FPY taxes ... annual renewal of chamber by 5ths
                  2. New press laws in 1819 temp abolished censorship
                    1. Although laws also ensured press was by rich, for rich - in any case were repealed in 1820
                    2. Readmitted to Concert of Eu at Congress of Aix - la - Chapelle, 1818
                      1. Difficulties of 1814 / 15 seemed to have been overcome - 'spirit' of Charter being upheld
                      2. Why was Louis successful?
                        1. Eco recovery from war
                          1. Use of able 1st mins (Richelieu & Decazes) who had support in Chamber
                            1. After closing Chambre Introuvable - 1815.
                              1. 'Unfindable chamber' - so royalist (full of Ultras) that King wouldn't have been able to find it if he tried
                                1. BUT Louis didn't want chamber dom by Ultras
                            2. Prevented a counter rev by the Ultras
                              1. Convinced influential pays legal that he was determined to honour 'spirit of the Charter' & rule as mod
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