Role of the Gods and Goddesses in the Aeneid!!!

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Role of the Gods and Goddesses in the Aeneid!!!
  1. Vulcan
      1. Book 12 - Creates the sword for Turnus' father that Turnus has.
      2. Jupiter
        1. Book 1 - Calms Venus and introduces the first prophecy.
          1. Book 2 - Rouses the Gods against Troy.
            1. Book 2 - Puts himself into the hearts of the Greeks giving them strength.
            2. Book 4 - Speaks to Mercury and tells him to tell Aeneas to leave as this wasn't the land promised to him.
              1. Book 12 - Jupiter tells Juno to stop intervening and Juno agrees on condition that the Latins keep their name.
                1. Book 12 - Makes his judgement with the scales.
                  1. Book 12 - Sends the Dira to warn of Juturna
                2. Juno.
                  1. In General.
                    1. Spiteful.
                      1. Book 1 - Loves Carthageand hates the Trojans.
                        1. Causes storm in Book 1 - bringing Aeneas to Carthage.
                          1. Appeals to Aeolus.
                        2. Book 2 - First to seize the Scaean gate.
                        3. Selfish.
                          1. Book 7 - Returns from Argos and realises Aeneas has reached his goal and even though she can't do it personally she will disrupt his path.
                          2. Manipulative.
                              1. Allecto
                                1. Book 7 - Puts the serpent into Amata's chest.
                                  1. Book 7 - Goes to Turnus as Calybe and tries to insight war but gets laughed off and bursts into blazing anger.
                                    1. Book 7 - She goes to put the scent of the stag into the hounds of Iulus, making him kill the stag signalling the start of the war.
                                  2. Petty.
                                  3. Juturna
                                    1. Book 12 - Sanctioned by Juno to interfere in the war to try to save Turnus.
                                      1. Book 12 - Goes to the battle lines disguised as Camers to rouse the Rutulians to war.
                                        1. Book 12 - Sends the eagle into the sky so that the Rutulians misinterpret the sign.
                                          1. Book 12 - Takes control of Turnus' chariot and stops him from going to battle with Aeneas.
                                            1. Book 12 - Turnus recognizes his sister Juturna and tells her to stop.
                                              1. Book 12 - Gives Turnus his sword so Venus gives the spear to Aeneas.
                                    2. Book 4 - Sends Iris to put Dido out of her misery by taking a lock of her hair to give to Dis.
                                      1. Book 7 - Juno puts a stop to Allecto and will do it herself. She opens the gates of war.
                                      2. Venus.
                                        1. Cupid.
                                          1. Sent by Venus disguised as Ascanius.
                                          2. Book 1 - Disguises herself as a Spartan woman.
                                            1. Angry when Aeneas questions her tactics.
                                              1. Convinces Aeneas to go to Carthage.
                                                1. Shrouds him in a cloud of mist.
                                              2. Book 1 - Disguises
                                                1. Book 2 - Appears to Aeneas to stop him
                                                  1. Book 2 - Appears to Aeneas to stop him killing Helen and to remind him of his fate.
                                                    1. Book 4 - Juno and Venus agree to marry Dido and Aeneas.
                                                      1. Book 8 - Faltters Vulcan into making Aeneas new armour used Thetis as a bribe/blackmail.
                                                        1. Book 12 - Venus sends dittany to Aeneas to cure his arrow wound and it is identified as the work of the Gods.
                                                          1. Book 12 - Tells Aeneas to go to the city of Latium.
                                                            1. Book 12 - Gives Turnus his spear back.
                                                          2. Mercury.
                                                            1. Book 1 - Sent Jupiter to make Carthage hospitable to the Trojans.
                                                            2. Neptune.
                                                              1. Book 1 - Calms the storm she has created.
                                                                1. Simile.
                                                                2. Book 2 - Referred to as loosening the foundations of Troy.
                                                                  1. Book 7 - Prevents the Trojans from making harbour.
                                                                  2. Athena/Minerva.
                                                                    1. Book 2 - Referenced as being the one that helps the Greeks build the Trojan horse.
                                                                      1. Book 2 - Sends the serpents to kill Laocoon convincing the Trojans to take the horse in.
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