Opposition in the New Deal.

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Opposition of new deall

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Opposition in the New Deal.
  1. Republicans
    1. They believed that governments should not interfere with the economy, or use tax payers money to help the poor and unemployed. They said the New Deal only turned the unemployed into millions of government employees.
    2. Businessmen and industrialists
      1. They opposed Roosevelt's interference, increased taxation to pay and attempts to improve worker's rights. Business felt he was giving too much power to Trade Unions
      2. States right supporters.
        1. Similar to Republican beliefs, many believed that the Federal government should not get involved in affairs of States. It was seen as intrusion by the Federal government to tell State governments how to deal with the Depression.
        2. Supreme Court
          1. The nine judges ruled that the NRA (1935) and the AAA (1936) were illegal as they interfered with individual States. The nine judges were mostly Republican. Rooselvelt tried to add six new judges (making 15) to approve his laws but public opinion was against him.
          2. Radicals
            1. However, some felt Roosevelt wasn't doing enough. Senator Huey Long started his Share Our Wealth campaign (tax the rich to give every family $5,000 income). Dr. Frances Townsend opposed the New Deal as it didn't help enough.
            2. The Second New Deal (1935)
              1. Roosevelt introduced the Second New Deal. Wagner Act gave Trade Union rights. Social Security Act set up welfare system. Workers Progress Administration gave government $ for extensive improvement schemes.
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