Cell Division

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Cell Division
1 Higher tier info
1.1 When a cell divides to form gametes:
1.1.1 -copies of the genetic information are made -then the cell divides twice to form gametes, each with a single set of chromosomes
2 Body cells divide by mitosis
3 When a cell divides by mitosis
3.1 -copies of the genetic material are made
3.1.1 -then the cell divides once to form two genetically identical body cells
3.2 Mitosis occurs during growth or to produce replacement cells
3.3 Cells of the offspring produced by asexual reproduction are produced by mitosis from the parental cells (contain same alleles as parents)
4 Gametes
4.1 Cells in reproductive organs (testes and ovaries in humans) divide to form gametes
4.2 The type of cell division in which a cell divides to from gametes is called meiosis
4.3 At fertilisation, a single body cell w/ new pairs of chromosomes is formed. A new individual then develops by this cell repeatedly dividing by mitosis
5 Most types of animal cells differentiate at an early stage whereas many plant cells retain the ability to differentiate throughout life. In mature animals, cell division is mainly restricted to repair and replacement.
6 Stem Cells
6.1 Cells from human embryos and adult bone marrow can be:
6.1.1 - called stem cells
6.1.2 - made to differentiate into many diff types of cells, eg nerve cells
6.2 Treatment w/ stem cells may be able to help conditions such as paralysis
6.3 Human stem cells can develop into any kind of human cell
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