How do the different agents of social control create gender identities?

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Mind map about how the different agents of social control create gender identities

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How do the different agents of social control create gender identities?
    1. Canalisation
      1. Giving girls and boys gender specific toys. Giving boys toy soldiers teaches them to be stronger. 'Girls' toys like dolls and toy kitchens teaches them to be caring and housewives etc.
      2. Manipulation
        1. The way adults talk to their children affects their gender identities. For example "brave little soldier" and "daddy's little princess" teaches children that men should be more dominant and women are more delicate and dainty.
        2. Social control
          1. Boys are allowed to spend more time out of the house, where as girls tend to be more controlled. This teaches children that girls are much more unsafe and can be easily manipulated (whereas boys can defend themselves).
        3. EDUCATION
          1. Subject choices
            1. Girls and boys choose different types of subjects e.g. graphics, resistant materials, food technology etc.
            2. Careers advice
              1. Teachers may give boys and girls different careers advice. For example they might give advice for a girl to take childcare and/or be a teacher.
              2. Treatment by techers
                1. Teachers are sometimes stricter on girls as they expect them to be more obedient. This teaches boys that they are allowed to be more disobedient.
              3. WORKPLACE
                1. Unequal pay
                  1. On average, men earn more money than women.
                  2. Equal pay
                    1. The law says that men and women should be paid equally for doing the same job
                    2. Heirarchy
                      1. Men often have more powerful jobs than the women. This teaches children that men usually have a higher status and are the main wage earners.
                    3. PEER GROUP
                      1. Peer pressure
                        1. People feel the pressure to conform to the expected rues, norms and values of society.
                          1. Sue Lees found that in schools if a male had many sexual relations then he gained a lot of respect however if a woman had many sexual relation then she would be called names e.g. a slag.
                        2. Subcultures
                          1. Male and female peer groups have very different norms and values.
                        3. MEDIA
                          1. Body image
                            1. Celebrities are often show as having the 'perfect' body image
                              1. Are you beach body ready?
                            2. Representations of gender
                              1. On TV men and women are often shown in very different roles, shows women cleaning and shows men doing gardening and DIY.
                                1. Fairy liquid advert, #likeagirl, #girlscan,
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