10. Important Points to Remember After Completing Cargo Operations on Tankers

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10. Important Points to Remember After Completing Cargo Operations on Tankers
  1. 1. Check Loaded Quantity: Check The load quantity of offithe tanks, Should be and confirmed by a responsible officer.
    1. 2. Inform Engine Room: Notify the engine department after discharging is over and ensure that the surveyor has issued the “Dry Tank Certificate or Empty Tank Certificate” to the vessel.
      1. 10. Open Drain Cocks: The tanker manifold and shore valves should be closed and the drain cocks at the tanker’s manifold should be opened to allow draining of cargo
        1. 3. Keep The Logbook Updated: Ensure that times of all events of the loading/discharging operation are recorded in the Cargo logbook.
            1. 9. Remove Earth Bonding Cables: The Earth Bonding Cables should be taken off after the cargo hoses are disconnected.
              1. 8. Close Tank Openings: This operation is to be carried out by pump-man or bosun under the guidance of chief officer or other responsible officer.
                1. 5. Remove the Cargo Hoses By Avoiding Oil Spill: Checking that the valves and hoses are closed. This is extremely necessary to prevent any kind of oil spill.
                    1. 6. Check Breather Valve: The breather valves should be checked correctly set to maintain pressure inside the tank.
                      1. 7. Change the Flange Position: Change the fitted position of the Spectacle Blind flange to it’s blank side to isolate the line and prevent overflowing.
                        1. 4. Close All Valves: After the completion of the cargo loading / unloading operations, all cargo valves should be closed and shore control valves should be closed before the tanker valves.
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